Individual and Business Income Tax Returns

If you operate in the cannabis industry, you will need to file a tax return every year. 9Financial LLP specializes in all tax filing needs for canna-companies and can make sure that you're in full compliance while taking advantage of all tax deductions that are legally available to you.

Entity Selection & Set-Up

Picking the right cannabis legal entity for your business may be a difficult decision depending on the types of activities that you company engages in and 9Financial LLP makes this a clear and easy choice, based on your state regulatory needs.

Compliance with Local, State, and Federal Regulatory Requirements

Every cannabis-related business has unique issues ranging from compliance with California's new and changing laws for canna-businesses to adherence with the federal tax code. 9Financial LLP can help translate your concerns into a streamlined compliance framework for your business.

Tax and Estate Planning

How do you grow your cannabis business while also preparing for your future? Whether you need help with planning to meet your personal financial goals or future tax liabilities, we can provide proactive tax and estate planning. Let 9Financial LLP help you to fully realize your and your family's specific goals and ensure that your estate is carried out the manner that you've chosen.

IRS Audit and Defense

With the threat of 280E, the IRS is determined to extract as much as it can from state-legal cannabis businesses. If you've received an audit notice from the IRS, you need experienced representation on your side. 9Financial LLP can ensure that you never have to deal with the IRS directly while providing effective IRS audit defense services.

280E Analysis and Strategy

If you operate in the cannabis industry, your business is likely to face 280E. Section 280E exposure can vary depending on the nature of your business, with cannabis retailers facing the most risk. 9Financial LLP offers 280E analysis and strategic planning so that you can effectively manage risk and determine your tax liability before the end of the tax year.

Our Goals are Your Goals

Our goal is to help cannabis entrepreneurs identify and apply tax and business strategies to increase their cash flow while making sure they are in full compliance with all applicable rules and regulations.